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Introducing Sterno Delivery

Built For Delivery. 
Our Insulated Food Carriers (IFC’s) are designed to maintain the quality and safety of your food to meet the high expectations of your customers.


Find my Rep: www.sternopro.com/find-my-rep

Email: sales@sternodelivery.com

Phone: 800 523 8715

ifc bags

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Protect Your Brand

The delivery market is exploding, but how are you maintaining the quality and safety of your food? 

How confident are you that your customer is experiencing the same quality of food at home, as they would if they were dining at your restaurant?

How are you protecting your brand reputation?

Unrivaled Performance

Wondering what makes our Insulated Food Carriers outperform other cheap import bags?

Freedom to Customize!

Showcase YOUR brand. Add your logo, a color, or an add-on feature.

For more info contact your local Sterno Rep, or call us directly: 800 523 8715

Insulated Food Carriers (IFC’s)

We offer a full range of  Insulated Food Carriers to fit all your needs. Whether you’re delivering hot, or cold food in meal containers or food pans, we have different sizes and types to choose from.
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