Sterno Delivery Digest - v2

Top Insights on Restaurant Delivery
Sterno Delivery Digest
A More than Occasional Media Roundup of the Best Reporting on the State of Play of the Restaurant Delivery Game in North America

Why Quality Matters
Sterno's senior product manager, Laura Calder weighs in on the present and future of the delivery industry, and why choosing the right delivery carriers is essential to protecting and enhancing a restaurant's brand. 
The Incredible Shrinking Lunch Crowd...
Some great strategies for finding new ways to reinvigorate profits while brick- and-mortar sales continue to decline. (from Worcester Business Journal
Think Offering Delivery Guarantees Big Profits? Think Again...
Many operators are waking up to the cold reality that offering delivery is a sure-fired way to greater profitability. If one of the country's best-run restaurant groups can only manage 12%, imagine how the local mom and pop is doing. (from Recode)
Tums Anyone? Restaurant Delivery's Giving Traditional Caterers Heartburn.
Many traditional caterers failed to anticipate the impact restaurant delivery would have on their botton lines. Now they're playing catch up.
Quality Control
Designed to maintain the quality and safety of your food to meet the high expectations of your customers, Sterno Delivery's line of Insulated Food Carriers are engineered to outlast and outperform in both hot and cold applications.
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